Mom with nervous boy helping calm his anxiety

School Anxiety? 7 Phrases to Calm First Day Nerves

The start of the school year can be a really exciting time. New classes, new friends, and brand-new experiences! While the novelty of a new school year can be fun, there are many kiddos who…

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Morning School Routines: 3 Tips to Calm the Chaos

A morning family routine is a combination of different types of skills: time management, sequencing, and organization. While we wish we could snap our fingers like a certain magical mouse and hope that the magic…

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5 Phrases to Encourage Your Struggling Child

I remember coming home from school one day and feeling completely overwhelmed. Everything seemed to be crashing in on me and as I went to my room to begin my homework, my dad came in…

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When your child is embarrassed say

My Child is Embarrassed, What Do I Do?

Embarrassment is part of the human experience. Here’s how to help your kids through it!

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Got Parent Overwhelm? Try these 7 Mantras

Feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day stress of being a parent? Believe us–you are not alone. You love your little one(s), but no matter how hard you work to stay calm, cool, and collected, everyone needs…

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Family Movie Night: 4 Films About Belonging and Fitting In

It’s Friday night, and another exhausting week of work and school is behind us. What could be better than to make some popcorn, pile pillows and blankets in the middle of the floor, and gather…

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5 Phrases to Help Handle “I’m So Bored!”

It’s easy to feel guilty when you hear your child say they have “nothing to do.” And it’s likely that you’ve felt the urge to come up with something fun for them as if part…

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Instead of “Stop Crying,” Try These 8 Supportive Phrases

Big emotions from kids can sometimes make big people uncomfortable. Especially if these big feelings involve tears. They may even provoke a command to Stop crying! While those words may seem like the best option…

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