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Get lifetime, instant access to proven tools to help kids recognize, resolve, and reflect on big feelings & emotions in a positive way so they can build social and emotional regulation skills to last a lifetime!


100+ pages of activities and tools scientifically proven to help kids build life long coping skills.

The Big Emotions Mega Pack shows kids and teens how to recognize, cope with, and use big emotions for their good (goodbye meltdowns and shouting matches!), even if you OR the kids in your life have had trouble communicating in the past!

Starting at JUST $29! (Save More Than 75%!)

Please note: This is a digital bundle to instantly download, print, and use over and over! No physical product will be mailed.

Do you have a child in your life who struggles with handling big emotions?

Do you ever wish you had some way you could help kids center themselves instead of saying, “Calm down” or “Just relax!”?
Does every single outburst or meltdown make you both upset and sad all at the same time?
You aren’t alone.

Let me be the first to tell you: 

It doesn't have to be that way!

You CAN teach kids how to self-regulate.

You CAN give kids tools to help them identify what they’re feeling and develop powerful coping strategies they can use over and over again.

And most importantly, you can help them transform big emotions into positive action!

FACT: You CAN teach kids how to recognize big emotions, cope with (and respond to) them in a composed manner, and use those feelings for their good.

Every. Single. Time




The Big Emotions Mega Pack contains over 100 pages of activities and tools scientifically proven to help kids recognize their big emotions, use the coping skills they learn inside the kit to respond to them, and transform these emotions into positive action!

These tools help the kids in your life build social and emotional regulation habits that will last forever!

Starting at JUST $29! (Save More Than 75%!)

Please note: This is a digital bundle to instantly download, print, and use over and over! No physical product will be mailed.


“This activity kit has been very helpful for my daughter to begin to understand what triggers her anger and what she can change. I can already see her using the GoZen! tools to calm herself down!”

— Laura S.

Pick your best option:

Option #1: The Big Emotions Mega Pack


Inside The Big Emotions Mega Pack:

Coping Cards: Fun and easy strategies for dealing with difficult emotions in a healthy, safe, and productive way (Value: $21)

Calm Down Posters: Posters to create a soothing calm down corner to replace your time out corner, and help them develop emotional intelligence (Value: $17)

Surf Your Feelings: Activity and coloring pages that reinforce listening to, and riding along with, our difficult feelings, instead of fighting against them (Value: $20)

Breathing Shapes: Visual tools for teaching kids the power of mindful breathing (Value: $17)

Feeling Cards: Give kids the language to talk about their feelings, understand the power of body language and tone, and build a strong emotional vocabulary (Value: $17)

Safe Space Posters: Every kid needs a place they can be themselves. Decorate their safe space with these posters to remind them they’re perfect just as they are (Value: $17)

Meditation Cards: Includes easy to understand instructions and illustrations to introduce kids to the amazing power of meditation (Value: $21)

Total Value: $130, 77% off at $29 one-time fee

77% Off: Typically $130, Today JUST $29!

Option #2: Complete Activity Kit Library

1300+ Pages of Activities!


Inside The Entire Activity Kit Library:

The Big Emotions Mega Pack

Cards to help build your child's emotional vocabulary
Visual tools to teach them about mindful breathing
Posters to decorate a “safe space” they can create
Coloring pages & posters to help them ride out difficult feelings
Fun and easy strategies for dealing with difficult emotions
Colorfully illustrated meditation cards
And more!


Plus You'll Get Instant Access To:


The Anger Transformation Activity Pack

Your child will learn how to listen to and transform anger rather than push it down with over 75 pages of activities including games, illustrated cards, a journal, and more.


The Body Confidence Activity Pack

Teach kids to embrace, feel confident in, and celebrate their own bodies with 220 pages of activities including fillable journals, coloring pages, cards, and more.


The Goal-Setting Activity Pack

More than 35 goal-setting techniques to help kids of all ages set & achieve goals, tolerate frustration, and develop motivation.


The Growth Mindset & Grit Activity Pack

Help your child embrace a growth mindset and accept failure as just another step on the way to success with over 150 pages of activities, including a short story kit, journals, and card games.


The Mindfulness Activity Pack

Help your child cut out habitual, negative thought patterns and avoid downward spirals of negativity! Make mindfulness fun with nearly 100 mindfulness activities across 3 different sets of illustrated flashcards


Mindfulness Bonus Activity Pack

Gorgeously illustrated Galaxy Breathing cards, Vibe Check Journal and 40 coloring sheets included in this printable pack help bring your teen/tween into the present moment and incorporate mindfulness into their busy lives.


The Negative Self-Talk Activity Pack

This printable pack includes over 170 pages of activities including cards, a journal, worksheets, an eBook, and an interactive 3-part story to help your teen/tween’s inner-voice sound less like a bully and more like a coach.


The Perfectionism Activity Pack

Help your teen/tween develop a healthier relationship with perfectionism! Over 150 pages of activities including stories, journals, and a beautifully illustrated cooperative card game.


The Resilience Activity Packs

Practice resilience with over 120 pages of activities, including a journal, short stories, 65 printable cards, cooperative and competitive games, and colorful posters.

You can get our ENTIRE Activity Kit Library - a $400 value & over 1300 pages - for just $84. That's a 79% savings!

79% Off: Typically $400, Today JUST $84!

Finally - practical help for teaching the kids in your life how to handle their big emotions. 

Do you ever have “one of those days” with the kids in your life…where ALL the big emotions come out, and you go into survival mode until day’s end?

“Tomorrow is a new day,” we tell ourselves.

And while that’s true, we have to ask ourselves:

What am I going to do differently with the kids and their big emotions to make tomorrow better?

If you’re not sure of how to practically help them with big emotions…

Then you’re in the right place.


What Is GoZen!, AnyWay?

Over the last 11 years, GoZen! has worked with over 3500 schools and well over 100,000 parents providing social and emotional learning tools for kids and teens.

GoZen! was founded by Renee Jain, a New York Times bestselling author who holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania. GoZen's goal is to reach at least 1 million kids with skills of well-being in the year 2023.


GoZen! has been featured in:


Real Results From Real Parents, Teachers, & Caretakers:


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to help the kids in your life navigate big emotions and build self-regulating habits that will last forever…

Then you’ve found it.


Starting at JUST $29!

Please note: This is a digital bundle to instantly download, print, and use over and over! No physical product will be mailed.


“I came across GoZen! and my son just told me this morning, ‘Momma, the only thing that helps besides you is GoZen.’ I will never be able to thank you enough. Ever.”


GoZen! empowers kids worldwide.

You don't have to take our word for it - parents & professionals love GoZen!

Dawn Huebner, PhD

Wow, GoZen! This is a bite-size, kid-friendly, clinically accurate worry-fighting program where skills are clearly explained and amply reinforced. If you buy one product this year to help your anxious child, make it GoZen! Really. It’s that good.

Dawn Huebner, PhD.
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author

Dawn Huebner, PhD

GoZen! is awesome. It has given me a way to discuss complex topics and challenges with my children. The scenarios described are real and very useful. It completely keeps the kids attention and if I’m honest given the science behind this, I’m learning as much as they are. Do your entire family a favor and invite this intergalactic gem into your home!

John V
Proud Parent

Shefali Tsabary, PhD

If you or your child gets entangled in anxiety and need help, check out GoZen! Kids engage with animations and games to learn tried and true anxiety relief skills – I personally think this works wonders for parents. What an amazing, innovative, creative resource!!!

Dr. Shefali, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
NYT best-selling author
Oprah’s go-to parenting expert

Shefali Tsabary, PhD

My child has been through everything – and GoZen! has made THE impact for her. We experienced a natural disaster last year in our city and she developed anxiety within days of the disaster.

A year later a new psychologist (the 5th) introduced us to this series and it has made the WHOLE difference. Thank you so very much for bringing this in the format kids connect with compared to blowing bubbles and breathing exercises and doing worksheets!

Proud Parent

James J Crist, PhD

GoZen! is nothing short of great. In simple language, the animated characters explain what anxiety is, how the brain works in response to anxiety, and ways to change your thinking so that you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings. From kids with normal worries and fears to those who suffer from anxiety, this program works.

James J. Crist, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author
Clinical Director of the CFCC

James J Crist, PhD

I bought your program recently and love it! My daughter is much less anxious and gets less overwhelmed. We had so many years of hardship in that area — this program is such a blessing! I am willing to bet that you are receiving many happy stories, but I wanted you to know ours. Thank you for everything.

Proud Parent

My son has lived with immobilizing panic attacks since experiencing a horrific concussion at a young age. He has lost full days being stressed about absolutely everything, throwing up, and all of the other terrible symptoms. It has been the hardest thing to watch and not have all the answers to make it go away when his anxieties try to take over him.

While researching a couple of months ago – neuroscience, MBSR, CBT, home remedies, etc. I came across GoZen! and my son just told me this morning, “Momma, the only thing that helps besides you is GoZen, especially Widdle.” I will never be able to thank you enough. Ever.

Proud Parent